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READING 1/2 MARATHON this weekend – Good Luck to all our patients!

In the Final Hours before your 1/2 Marathon please remember the three C’s in order to deliver to the best of you abilities on the day!

Calm – Confident – Control

  • Prepare kit the night before – race clothing, shoes, timing chip, number, bag, water bottles and nutrition to avoid panic in the morning.
  • Eat a light, easily – digestible meal, at least 2 hours before the start – ensure you’ve eaten these foods before training runs with no adverse effects.
  • Hydrate – sip water or a sports drink 60 to 90 minutes before the race remember to use the fluid you’re used to!
  • Arrive early – know where you need to be and when.
  • Start relaxed – chat to other competitors and friends to help calm your nerves.
  • Warm-up – About 25 minutes before the start, do some walking, running and activation exercises.
  • Position yourself appropriately at the start according to your projected pace, and remind yourself to start easy ! You’ll be glad you did when late in the race you’re able to pass all those runners who started too fast!

The weather this weekend looks likely to be changeable so be PREPARED! 

And finally GOOD LUCK – you’ve trained hard until today, enjoy the experience of the Reading 1/2 Marathon as much as you can!


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