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Complete Physiotherapy Limited

Complete Physiotherapy Limited was established in July 2007 in Caversham and GP clinics throughout Berkshire.

All the Physiotherapists at Complete Physiotherapy are highly experienced and provide an individual, evidence based, hands-on treatment approach. You will benefit from their combined experience in elite sporting arenas and private practice.

We aim to offer patients an appointment within forty eight hours. You will receive a professional and welcoming service by the full-time administration team who are always available to answer or direct any queries at any point throughout your treatment.

10 Years Experiance


Complete Physiotherapy has already been identified as a leading contender as the company offering the most comprehensive physiotherapy provision in Berkshire. We offer numerous innovative physiotherapy services including  state of the art Shockwave therapy and access to a gym and pool to support your rehabilitation. Complete Physiotherapy is looking forward to developing its service to provide a better quality of life to the population of Berkshire and beyond.

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