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Bursitis is inflammation and swelling of a bursa. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac which forms under the skin, usually over the joints, and acts as a cushion between the tendons and bones.

The main symptoms of bursitis are pain, swelling and tenderness in the affected area.

Any bursa can become inflamed, but bursitis most commonly occurs in the:

  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • knee (known as housemaid’s knee)
  • hip

Other areas affected can include the ankle, foot and Achilles tendon (the large tendon that attaches the heel bone to the calf muscle).

What causes bursitis?

A bursa can become inflamed through injury or repetitive movement.

Your risk of developing bursitis is increased if you regularly take part in physical activities that involve a lot of repetitive movement, for example running (bursitis in the ankle) or playing darts (bursitis in the elbow).

People who spend a lot of time kneeling, such as carpet fitters and gardeners, also have an increased risk of developing bursitis in their knee.

Less commonly, bursitis can develop as a result of an infection or as a complication of certain conditions, such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Treating bursitis

Most cases of bursitis can be treated conservatively with resting the affected area, using an ice pack (a frozen bag of vegetables wrapped in a tea towel works well) to reduce inflammation, and taking painkillers as prescribed by your GP which will help relieve your symptoms and speed up your recovery. Stretching, massage and stretngthening the muscles in the affected area will also help improve your symptoms.

The pain usually improves within a few weeks, but the swelling may take longer to completely disappear.

Preventing bursitis

Taking precautions, such as wearing knee pads when kneeling and warming up properly before exercise, may help reduce your risk of getting bursitis.

Recent Testimonial

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Noelia who has assisted me with my recovery from a neck and shoulder injury from a car accident I was involved in last year. Noelia has been a fantastic help to my rehabilitation, by being very pleasant, professional and very attentive to my needs. She has helped me every step of the way and has always made herself available to me should I need her for anything. She is a credit to your practice and I would gladly recommend her services to anybody. Although still not fully 100% recovered, I am almost there and Noelia has given me some exercises to continue with that should help me fully rehabilitate and return to my former unrestricted life Please pass on my thanks to her for a fantastic and very professional service.RL


Keeping me fit and ready to fight with the bat is one thing but remember, I also believe in the importance of hydration LOL! From the day you joined the West Indies your insistence on pulling me up to perform my shoulder rehab has changed me as a fielder. My throwing is now a strength rather than a massive weakness so huge thanks Gov


I have just completed 6 weeks physio on my shoulder with Noelia and she has worked wonders. I saw an improvement immediately after my first session. In previous years she has also treated my hip and I would highly recommend her to her everyone