Shockwave Therapy


We are excited to announce that  we have a Shockwave machine at our Caversham Complete Physiotherapy clinic.

Shockwave therapy is a procedure where shock waves are passed through the skin to the injured part of the body, using a special device. The shockwaves are mechanical and not electric; they are audible, low energy sound waves, which work by increasing blood flow to the injured area. This accelerates the body’s healing process

Shockwave therapy can used for a number of musculoskeletal dysfunctions that have not responded adequately to conservative treatments, such as physiotherapy, rest, steroid injection, ice therapy and painkillers. It is described as; 

“Gold standard for lower limb pathologies”

These can include;
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achillodynia
  • MTSS
  • Patella tendinopathy
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Proximal HS tendinopathy
  • MTP therapy
  • GTPS (Trochanteric bursitis)
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Low back/thoracic pain
  • Calcified shoulder tendinopathy
  • Trapezius tension
  • Radial/medial epicondylitis
  • Finger tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Spasticity
  • Muscular cramps/spasm
  • Wound Healing
  • Bone formation
  • Massage, Vibration therapy

Therapeutic shockwaves were introduced as a medical treatment for eliminating kidney stones without causing skin injury, over 20 years ago. Some of the side effects discovered while using this treatment, were the bone healing and accelerated tissue healing results on the areas submitted to shockwave treatment.

Today the use of radial shockwaves or Radial Pressures Waves (RPW) has been successfully extended to other therapeutic and wellness applications such as:

  • shoulder calcifications
  • insertional tendonitis
  • muscle trigger points
  • muscle and connective tissue activation
  • acupuncture therapy
  • cellulite treatment
  • body shaping
  • lymphatic drainage
  • medical massage

Radial Pressure Waves is an excellent non invasive treatment method with very few negative side effects, for indications that are normally very difficult to treat. For these indications we now know that RPW is a treatment method that reduces pain as well as improves function and quality of life. Physical effects of Radial Pressure Waves Radial pressure waves offer a non invasive treatment solution for long term insertion and soft tissue pathologies. Local treatment of the affected area will enhance and reset the healing pattern.

Today there are several working hypothesis for the physical effects of radial pressure waves:

Pain reduction:

The patient experiences a reduction of pain, explained by the Gate Control theory. Intensive pulses from the transmitter into the tissue, create a strong nociceptor activation of the A-β fibres, which affect interneurons that inhibit the transmission of the pain signals.

Increased metabolism:

Shockwaves influence the tissue on a cellular level. The chemical environment of the cells is affected by free radicals promoting the release of pain and inflammatory inhibiting substances.


Repeated shockwaves to the affected area create a revascularisation effect, with the new blood flow in the area promoting tissue healing and regeneration. Reduced muscle tone: The “vicious circle”, as well as the strong pathological association between pain and muscle tone, will be broken and lead to restoring a normalised muscular tone.

Radial Pressure Wave therapy is indicated for:

Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrP),Localising and deactivating trigger points, activation of muscle and connective tissue, increasing circulation, pulse vibration massage.

Disorder of tendon Insertions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, or heel spur, tendinosis calcarea/supraspinatus-tendon.

Radial and ulnar humeral epicondylitis, achillodynia, retropatellar pain syndrome, tibial edge syndrome, proximal Iliotibial band friction syndrome/trochanteric, insertional tendonitis

Shockwave therapy is recognised by most insurance companies and is also available for private paying patients in addition to their physiotherapy sessions.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have deemed this procedure to be safe and effective for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonopathy, calcific shoulder tendonitis and tennis elbow. 

The British Medical Bulletin (2015) also state that ESWT is an effective and safe non-invasive treatment option for tendon and other pathologies of the MSK system.

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Recent Testimonial

I just wanted to take the time to email about my physio sessions with Noelia González (Caversham Clinic) because she has been brilliant. I broke my Tibial plateau in April and I was very nervous when I first started physio and lost confidence in my own abilities.

I started physio as soon as possible from having suffered my injury and having surgery, so I was nervous through fear of hurting myself. Noelia made me feel at ease straight away, and made me realise that I could do the exercises and push myself.

I would like Noelia and the managing director  Mr Kershaw, to know how much I appreciated her patience and the care that she has shown towards me. Noelia has really helped with my recovery; she was very professional and personable.

I am starting my NHS physio, but I would certainly come back and would also recommend complete Physiotherapy to others