Knee Mobility Playlist

Below are 11 videos covering exercises for Knee Mobility.

Recent Testimonial

I would like to thank Noelia for the excellent work she did on my hip and shoulder. I was treated at the Western Elms surgery some weeks ago and am able to walk (and paint ceilings) again, pain free. Noelia is a very competent and talented physiotherapist who I would have no hesitation in recommending.


I have been receiving physiotherapy for my shoulder at Western Elms Surgery for the last three weeks from Noelia and I have to say I am thrilled at the improvement she has made so far. I now have more movement than I would never have dreamed would be possible. I would just like to say thank you to her and look forward to my remaining sessions


I had a bad experience of having a total knee replacement on my right leg. Because I am intolerant of all opiates and anti-inflammatory pain relief, I had to rely on Paracetemol only – which didn’t cut the mustard. I was horrified to find that my other knee began to get painful and was giving up. So my GP suggested that I try Physio. I was referred to Viviana wo gave me the appropriate exercises for two weeks. But it was obvious I needed more help so she suggested acupuncture. It worked like magic for the first session. I responded so well that my GP authorised further sessions. To my absolute delight all pain was gone, and Viviana has certainly been an excellent and professional practitioner. So much so that I really feel the relief is unbelievable. Because I responded so well to my earlier sessions my GP sanctioned further sessions for my very osteoarthritic hands and fingers. Viviana repeated the magic and I can now fully clench my left hand, which I haven’t been able to do for years. The right hand now unfortunately has carpal tunnel syndrome and I am under Viviana’s treatment for this and getting some relief. I must add that Viviana is such a friendly, caring lady in whom I have every faith, and I look forward to my sessions with he